Tuesday, 26 July 2016 10:23

Sea & Music - Classic Cruise of the Vienna. Philharmonic Featured

The journey "Sea and Music" actually offered not only a lot of music and crystal clear sea, but of everything even "more". The unique atmosphere on board allows music lovers unforgettable days. In addition to rehearsals and concerts of the Wr. Philharmonic there were also soloist concerts: So Matthias Fletzberger played u.a. with Ramon Vargas, Thomas Hampson and the "Clarinotts".

The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on the cruise: "After a break of four years, Springers label" Music & Sea "has achieved this year almost perfectly: For the Mexican Señoras comes Tenor Ramón Vargas on board, for the Far East faction the Chinese Ma Xiaohui, a star on a strange lute instrument called Erhu, for the German-speaking friends of the cultivated songs the mezzo-soprano Bernarda Fink Global stars are in any case conductor Zubin Mehta and baritone Thomas Hampson.

The former joins a concert in Livorno, the latter for one in Barcelona and a recital on board with pianist Matthias Fletzberger, somewhere between Ibiza and Palma. And on top of that, the Philharmonic has brought Dominique Meyer. He is the director of the Vienna State Opera, which is more important to Austrian music lovers than the Federal President and what makes poor Meyer an object of desire for Viennese Hofratswitwen during the journey.

And of course the classic pilgrims get their money's worth. All the concerts are extremely worth listening to, the artists are worth their wages, and a visit to the lavishly decorated concert hall of Barcelona is worthwhile. But for the true Philharmonic friend, these are rare moments for which he likes to pay for such a journey: For example, when Thomas Hampson writes personal dedications in the program for more than an hour to his transfigured female fans. Or if an admirer of Zubin Mehta manages to pluck an earthly hair from the deified Maestro with a pair of tweezers on a similar occasion. 'We have no fear of contact,' says Thomas Hampson, 'we're not living in a bubble.'