Freitag, 09 Juni 2017 13:19

Austrian-Mongolian Music Festival Ulan Baatar

Austrian Mongolian Music Festival is to take place on June 11-12 in Ulaanbaatar. The Austrian Cultural forum in Beijing organizes the event jointly with the Mongolian State Philharmonic, Goethe Institute, Jazz Club and JazzLab Music Agency.

On 11, June, Michael Erian Jazz Quartet of Austria and the Jazz train band of Mongolia will perform open to public in Seoul Street, while the same night the quartet will carry out Jam session at the UB Jazz club. Michael Erian Jazz Quartet is composed of Michael Erian (saxophone), Martin Zerker( bass) Claus Raible (piano) and Dusan Novakov (drums).

On 12, June Symphony Orchestra of Mongolian State Philharmonic will play under Austrian conductor Matthias Fletzberger as well as Bayanmongol Ensemble, Michael Erian Jazz Quartet and the Jazz train will be present there. Moreover, the quartet is scheduled to hold a meeting with students of the Music and Dance College.