"Matthias Fletzberger brought the State Opera Orchestra to a remarkable performance - and that's true for the whole evening. In the first piece of the program - Prelude to Rienzi - he delighted with a beautifully phrased introduction. Fletzberger did not allow sharp dynamic contradictions, he controlled the passion, but only to let it emerge in a stunning force and festive effect. The Finale of the overtüre did not arise clamorous or pathetically, "only" magnificently." (Autorka: Alena Sojková,, 27. Oktober 2018)

"Fletzberger knows his Wagner, especially The Ring, in which the Prague State Opera Orchestra positively glowed." (Frank Kuznik, 28 Oktober 2018,

"The whole evening was unmistakably dictated by Andreas Schager's excellent performance and the well-managed play of the State Opera Orchestra under the baton of Matthias Fletzberger.

One did not want to believe that he was playing (of course, in a significantly larger cast) the same State Opera Orchestra, which had been struggling so much in the Estates Theater with Beethoven's Fidelie a month ago. It was certainly the merit of conductor Matthias Fletzberger, who performed the orchestra with the peripetites of the musical story of the Ring with a balanced sound, though not always intonationally precise brass section. Of course, Forum Karlín is not Bayreuth. The unique acoustics of this Wagner's tabernacle, which binds the sound of a mighty orchestra by reflecting the back wall of a covered orchestra and balancing it against soloists, was not comparable to the short, "dry" reverberation of For Karlín, where the orchestra was "recessed" the orchestra was lined from all four sides as a podium. Even under these conditions, the sound of the orchestra was slammed into an undefined mezzoforte but was thrown by a palette of colors and dynamic shades, in a smooth symphonic motif, motifs waving in great articulation and plasticity as musical "portraits" of death, fate, curse, ring, gold, the heroism of Wählsung and Siegfried, Walhally, Wotan and his spears, forest and forest rustling or the Nibelung anvils."
(HELENA HAVLÍKOVÁ, 29.10.2018 10:00,

"Up to and including the encore, all the pieces of the evening were well selected, and the soloists worked very well with the conductor, who was also responsible for the arrangements of the pieces." The Tokyo Mitaka Philharmonic Orchestra was able to fulfill the musical wishes of the conductor in a spirited and precise manner."
(Junko Shibatsuji, The Performing Arts Jornal Tokyo, 19. März 1917)

„An artist of first order … In the area of the late romanticism Fletzberger has to fear nobody. An extraordinary feeling for rhythm, inexhaustible strength, endless richness of moods and fabulous feeling for proportions.“
(Heinz Sichrowsky, NEWS 2011)

„…Conductor Matthias Fletzberger was leading an orchestra that sounded both relaxed and rehearsed. String sounds were warm and balances refined....“
(Montreal Gazette)

„Matthias Fletzberger conducted the  a meticulously rehearsed wonderful interplay between singers and orchestra.“ (Kronen-Zeitung)

“Colorful sounds came from the orchestra pit, where the Austrian Chamber-Symphony under the direction of Matthias Fletzberger strove respectably for Kreneks scores.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine)

„I am not in the habit of giving recommendations, but this young man is not only a wonderful pianist but also a budding conductor. Whatever he will endeavor to do in music will surely warrant your interest and support“ (Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, 1988)