Finally Richard Wagner's music in Messina! On Wednesday a concert was dedicated to the great German composer in the Vittorio Emanuele Theater. The protagonists are the theater orchestra under the direction of a Wagner specialist, the Austrian maestro Matthias Fletzberger.

It is enough to hear how the orchestra players masterfully accompanied the soprano in the arias and how they interpreted another symphonic piece “Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt” more than satisfactorily, a long orchestral interlude under the knowledgeable and refined direction of Matthias Fletzberger.

The performance of the soprano Manuela Uhl was really excellent, and the performance of the orchestra was also very good, especially in the ballad by Senta, where some orchestral subtleties were captured, also thanks to the excellent direction from Fletzberger, which made us realize even more what could reach this orchestra on site, but also on tour, if it were to be permanently established.

(Giovanni Franciò,, December 26th, 2021)