The Weinviertel Festival in Mikulov and Poysdorf is over - conductor Matthias Fletzberger and the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna have provided a musical feast for the ears for “Tristan und Isolde”. The cast presented names like Martina Serafin, Hermine May, René Pape, Günther Groissböck, Thomas Johannes Mayer and many others.

Because of Corona, many opera houses have held back and it takes a lot of courage, both from the director Peter Svensson and from the entire team, to let such an opera festival take place. Art and culture are systemically relevant nowadays and it is also important to play great operas like “Tristan und Isolde”.

The work with the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna was very successful despite the restricted preparation-time (only 5 days of rehearsals in total until the premiere): 60 highly motivated musicians under the direction of Matthias Fletzberger actually managed to prepare this challenging opera in such a short time. The rehearsal time, which was shortened due to unfortunate circumstances, took place in the Wiener Konzerthaus (partly in the Great Hall).

“It's unbelievable how well the orchestra played under Matthias Fletzberger! If we hadn't known - nobody would have thought how quickly they had learned this demanding piece of all things. Not only in the intoxication of love, but above all in the quiet, contemplative moments and scenes, one listened to the playing of the individual instruments with pleasure. And the tension in the brand scene didn't stop either. "
(Sieglinde Pfabigan, Der neue Merker, 08/18/2020)

"The conductor Matthias Fletzberger ensured a slim Wagner sound at the desk of the good Ambassade Orchestra."
(Peter Jarolin, KURIER August 17, 2020)

“…. René Pape as the acclaimed King Marke passed his Bouteille on to a gentleman in the orchestra in front of him. All, mostly young, musicians from Ambassade ensemble under the direction of Matthias Fletzberger would have earned whole barrels of it. On Saturday they had to get through the long premiere in the Weinviertel rainy night, even for experienced viewers. The orchestra only comes together on a project basis - and the Wagner Risk at the Border project offered a successful finale for this summer. "
(Ulrike Messer - Krol, Der neue Merker, 08/20/2020)