The acclaimed world premiere of the director's concert “Fascination Wagner” was staged in Prague yesterday evening. The program, conceived by the director Selcuk Cara and arranged by Matthias Fletzberger, was realized especially for the heroic tenor Andreas Schager.

“Fascination Wagner” presents the highlights of Richard Wagner's work in combination with special music videos in a new dimension. The history of the individual works can thus be experienced comprehensively and directly for the public.

“The whole evening was unmistakably determined by the excellent performance of Andreas Schager and the well-directed performance of the orchestra of the State Opera under the direction of Matthias Fletzberger. It was certainly thanks to the conductor Matthias Fletzberger who led the orchestra through the sudden musical twists and turns of the ring with a balanced sound ... " (OperaPlus, Helena Havliková, 10.2018)