Conductor Fletzberger brought together the feat of bringing works that are designed for orchestras of 60 to 70 musicians to the Poydium stage with 23 top-class musicians. "The idea of the smaller orchestra has proven itself particularly when it comes to keeping your distance," emphasizes Fletzberger.

There was also a top-class opera cast among the singers: Tomasz Konieczny, who is at home on every opera stage in the world, was the crowning highlight of the evening. Because such fantastic music should be carried into the world, but often this fails quite profanely because of the gigantic orchestra size - be it on the part of the orchestra or on the part of the venue.

So is it feasible to shrink an orchestra of this size with music of this caliber to less than a third? One could doubt that. But if a great like Matthias Fletzberger, with over ten years of experience in arranging, takes on this, there is nothing to fear.

On the contrary: music, good music, should be sung by an artistic elite, but on the part of the audience it should by no means be reserved for an elite. Conductor Fletzberger showed how it works during the festival.

(Werner Kraus, August 12, 2020)